No MLS or Lockbox may Cost $10,000s

The Real Estate market has really heated up over the last few months and homes are flying off the shelf faster than ever.  Prices have increased over the past 7 months and no one is predicting a down-turn in the market anytime soon (although a leveling off is over due).  However, these positive signs are NO reason to short-cut the proper listing of your home.  Skipping some of the traditional, necessary steps could cost you thousands or tens of thousands of hard earned appreciation.

More and more we are seeing home listings not put into the MLS (multiple listing system).  Whether it be by the sellers’ choise or an agent’s recommendation, it is definitely NOT in the Sellers’ Best Interest.  In fact there is a form, which is required by our local Board, when listing with an agent & not putting it into the MLS (SEL Addendum), that includes this text:  “Seller understands and acknowledges that…other real estate agent…and the buyers may be unaware that this property is for sale.  Seller certifies and understands the implications of not listing in the MLS.”

Another unwise trend is denying access to the property by not using a lock box.  This makes it more difficult for buyers and their agents to access your property.  No matter how easy it may sound, getting a time when sellers and/or their agents, can meet at the same time as buyers and their agents, is NOT the most efficient way to market your home.  You and/or your agent may not be available when that one buyer (who would have paid top $$$ for your home) is available.  Today’s electronic lock boxes record all information about everyone who accesses your property and can only be used by current/active agents.  Your security is of the utmost importance and every measure is taken to ensure it.

Unfortunately, some agents have been found by the Board, to be convincing their sellers that these are good ideas (usually so that agent can double their commission).  However, either of these practices could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, by restricting the number of potential buyers to a handful that the listing agent may acquire, as opposed to the thousands of possible buyers that hundreds of local Realtors may be working with.

Offering your home for sale to the largest audience should bring you the maximum sale price, with the least amount of hassle, in the shortest amount of time.

Don’t you deserve the very best?

JD Powers ranked Keller Williams Realty #1 in Buyer & Seller Satisfaction in 2012. JD Powers ranked Keller Williams Realty #1 in Buyer & Seller Satisfaction in 2012.

About Scott Stephens

I have been a licensed Realtor in North Orange County since 1994 and a hard working community leader, since buying my first home here, in 1988. Having been the recipient of many awards in both these areas of my life, I guarantee that you will love my service. Calif. DRE Lic.# 01192262 "I'm Here to Help"
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