Specialization for first time Sellers

There are many programs available for first time home Buyers.  As well as a myriad of agents wanting to work with them.  You see ads for them in literally every aspect of the real estate transaction.  But who’s on the side of the first time home Seller?SOLD

The home selling process is a daunting task and scary for anyone.  For the first time home seller it can also be full of very costly mistakes.  It might even seem like a career, by the time you have closed escrow and moved on.  That’s not even taking into account, the many issues that can arise AFTER you’ve closed and moved.

Here in California we have some of the strictest laws in the country, protecting home buyers.  The days of “Caveat Emptor” (let the buyer beware) are gone and there are a whole slew of disclosures that you are liable for.  Additionally, the real estate purchase contract is full of protections for the buyer and loopholes to get them out of the purchase, while offering very little in the way of damage protection for sellers.  Sellers are viewed as being in the “driver’s seat” and are expected to know all the laws, while buyers are viewed as the pedestrians on the roads (not responsible for their own actions).

When hiring a Realtor to help you with your real estate transaction, it is vital to choose one who knows all the rules, laws and disclosures.  Not just an average agent who has a rough idea of what forms to use (because they’re on an office checklist), but knows what is contained in them and how to complete them to best protect you and your family.  Ask them to send you the paper work in advance of your listing appointment, so you have the opportunity of going over them.  Then ask them a few questions, about the binding contracts that they are asking you to sign.  You’ll know right away if they will be someone you trust one of your biggest investments with.

It takes the knowledge and dedication of a real estate Consultant, with nearly 20 years Experience, to make sure your are protected.  I Specialize in helping First Time Sellers get the most for their homes, in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of hassle and the Maximum Protection.  I’ve been in management and a trainer at 2 of the largest real estate firms in north Orange County and I served on the Board of Realtors, MLS Committee, in order to clean up our industry.  My clients sleep well, during and long after, after a home sale with me.  Testimonials can be found at; http://www.orangecountyrealestates.com/  Don’t be fooled by the pretty pictures or the promise of reduced commissions.  It could end up costing you much more later.  Protect your family by calling Scott Stephens (714) 801-6230

For more information, please visit us at; http://www.orangecountyrealestates.com/sell/


About Scott Stephens

I have been a licensed Realtor in North Orange County since 1994 and a hard working community leader, since buying my first home here, in 1988. Having been the recipient of many awards in both these areas of my life, I guarantee that you will love my service. Calif. DRE Lic.# 01192262 "I'm Here to Help"
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