The Tax Man Cometh

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On this October 15th many Americans, who had bought themselves 6 months back in April, must now pay the piper.  I don’t want to dwell on this particular tax too much, because we all understand it takes a certain amount of money to run a government.  The conversation of whether or not the current amount we pay is fair….we’ll save for another time.


The intent of today’s blog is actually to help understand the property tax schedule.  Even though the property tax year runs 180 degrees out from the calendar year (July 1 – June 30), the payment dates follow no sensible schedule.  However,  there is an easy way to remember the schedule (just in the off chance they forget to mail you a bill) “NO DARN FOOLING AROUND.”  Easy to remember, because everyone knows that the penalties and interest are quite steep if you don’t pay them on time.


As for the explanation behind the acronym, No Darn Fooling Around.  It represents these due dates; November 1st, December 10th, February 1st & April 10th.  Again, for no apparent reason, the property taxes for July 1st thru December 31st are Due on November 1st and Delinquent December 10th.  Likewise, the second 1/2 installment (January 1st thru June 30) is Due February 1st and Delinquent April 10th.


So remember, when it comes to your property taxes… there’s No Darn Fooling Around !!


For more great information on property taxes, zoning, permits & more, go to;


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